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The Palma Noleggio team, specializing in the rental of aerial work platforms, cranes, chemical toilets, and scaffolding, consists of a team of technicians, operators, and professionals in rope access construction who bring their skills and experiences to the table.

Our collaborations begin with consulting activities, conceived as a preliminary step to optimize times, costs, and the quality of machinery performance, suggesting solutions to solve particularly complex cases.

We oversee all activities, providing technical support and assistance until its conclusion.

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Truck Crane

Lift, transport, or position heavy loads with precision and safety.

Spider Boom Lifts

Work in tight spaces without compromising lifting power.

Portable Toilets

Different models of toilets and accessories to choose from based on your needs.


Palma Noleggio

Division of the historical Palma Group, active for 30 years in the territory, Palma Noleggio is strategically located for the delivery and retrieval of machines and equipment. We are located in Rome, at exit 11 of the G.R.A., in the Nomentana area.

Our headquarters house thousands of square meters of scaffolding and metal structures for construction sites, an extensive fleet of machines, truck cranes, and aerial platforms. This allows for speed and rental availability even in cases of particular urgency.

Additionally, we are authorized dealers for Sebach chemical toilets in Rome. Simultaneously, we provide consultancy and collaboration with companies and individuals choosing the offered services.

Our technicians oversee rental activities, providing consultancy in the preliminary phase to select the most suitable machinery for the type of work to be carried out, such as a crawler spider boom lift or a truck-mounted platform.

We also offer assistance during the rental process, producing documentation related to the activities to be carried out, training those who will use the rented products, and intervening if needed with our mobile workshop.

Our History

  1. The Early Steps

    The Palma Group traces its roots back to the '80s when Giancarlo Palma, with his business in renovations and construction contracts, started acquiring the first scaffolding, platforms, and cranes to facilitate his work and become more competitive in the market.

  2. The First Rentals

    The Palma Group also began making the first rentals of platforms and cranes. As seen in the photo, for example, to carry out renovation work at the Flaminio Stadium in Rome.

  3. Palma Ecological Services is Born

    In the '90s, Palma Ecological Services was founded to expand its services in condominiums and private sectors, such as sewage pumping, pest control, and waste management.

  4. Palma Noleggio is Born

    In 2000, Palma Noleggio was established, a company founded by Giancarlo Palma along with his sons Michele and Simone. The business is dedicated to renting equipment and machinery for construction, thanks to the extensive range of machinery and equipment available, on which the group built its capacity to fulfill requests and carry out its work. This move also capitalized on the changing market dynamics, with the advantages that rental offered to end-users.

  5. Sebach Collaboration

    To provide an increasingly comprehensive service, a collaboration was initiated with Sebach, a Florentine company that is a leader in Italy in the production of mobile chemical toilets and monoblocks. Today, Palma Noleggio is an Authorized Dealer for Sebach products in Rome and the surrounding areas.

  6. 100 Machines

    Palma Noleggio reaches the milestone of 100 machines, including aerial platforms, cranes, and crawler spiders of different heights and capacities to meet all the needs of its customers.

  7. 1000 Customers

    With great satisfaction, Palma Noleggio has reached and surpassed the milestone of 1000 active customers in the territory.

We are ready to overcome new limits

For over 30 years, we have been assisting companies and individuals in reaching heights never seen before, through the rental of professional machinery, metal structures, or with the help of professionals in rope construction.


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Meters of Height Reached

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Very organized and very serious, qualified and helpful staff

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The roof had a leak, after a thorough inspection they solved the problem quickly and cheaply

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Unbeatable and competent prices

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A great team. Congratulations for the professionalism and for the gratin of each customer

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Palma Noleggio

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